benchbuild.utils.unionfs module

exception benchbuild.utils.unionfs.UnmountError[source]

Bases: BaseException

benchbuild.utils.unionfs.unionfs(rw='rw', ro=None, union='union')[source]

Decorator for the UnionFS feature.

This configures a unionfs for projects. The given base_dir and/or image_dir are layered as follows:


All writes go to the image_dir, while base_dir delivers the (read-only) versions of the rest of the filesystem.

The unified version will be provided in the project’s builddir. Unmouting is done as soon as the function completes.

  • rw – writeable storage area for the unified fuse filesystem.
  • ro – read-only storage area for the unified fuse filesystem.
  • union – mountpoint of the unified fuse filesystem.