benchbuild.experiments.raw module

The ‘raw’ Experiment.

This experiment is the basic experiment in the benchbuild study. It simply runs all projects after compiling it with -O3. The binaries are wrapped with the time command and results are written to the database.

This forms the baseline numbers for the other experiments.


3 Metrics are generated during this experiment:
time.user_s - The time spent in user space in seconds (aka virtual time) time.system_s - The time spent in kernel space in seconds (aka system time) time.real_s - The time spent overall in seconds (aka Wall clock)
class benchbuild.experiments.raw.RawRuntime(name=NOTHING, projects=NOTHING, id=NOTHING, schema=NOTHING)[source]

Bases: benchbuild.experiment.Experiment

The polyjit experiment.

NAME = 'raw'

Compile & Run the experiment with -O3 enabled.