Source code for benchbuild.projects.lnt.lnt

"""LNT based measurements."""
import logging

from plumbum import FG, local

from benchbuild import project
from benchbuild.settings import CFG
from benchbuild.utils import compiler, download, wrapping
from benchbuild.utils.cmd import cat, mkdir, rm, virtualenv

LOG = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]@download.with_git("", limit=5) class LNTGroup(project.Project): """LNT ProjectGroup for running the lnt test suite.""" DOMAIN = 'lnt' GROUP = 'lnt' VERSION = 'HEAD' NAME_FILTERS = [ r'(?P<name>.+)\.simple', r'(?P<name>.+)-(dbl|flt)', ] SUBDIR = None SRC_FILE = "lnt.git" src_dir = "lnt" test_suite_dir = "test-suite" test_suite_uri = "" # Will be set by configure. lnt = None sandbox_dir = None clang = None clang_cxx = None binary = None
[docs] def compile(self): download.Git(self.test_suite_uri, self.test_suite_dir) venv_path = local.cwd / "local" virtualenv(venv_path, "--python=python2") pip_path = local.cwd / "local" / "bin" / "pip" pip = local[pip_path] with local.cwd(self.SRC_FILE): pip("install", "--no-cache-dir", "--disable-pip-version-check", "-e", ".") self.sandbox_dir = local.cwd / "run" if self.sandbox_dir.exists(): rm("-rf", self.sandbox_dir) mkdir(self.sandbox_dir) self.lnt = local[local.path("./local/bin/lnt")] self.clang =, detect_project=True) self.clang_cxx = compiler.cxx(self, detect_project=True) self.lnt("runtest", "test-suite", "-v", "-j1", "--sandbox", self.sandbox_dir, "--benchmarking-only", "--only-compile", "--cc", str(self.clang), "--cxx", str(self.clang_cxx), "--test-suite", self.test_suite_dir, "--only-test=" + self.SUBDIR)
[docs] @staticmethod def after_run_tests(sandbox_dir): logfiles = local.path(sandbox_dir) // "*" / "test.log" for log in logfiles:"Dumping contents of: %s", log) (cat[log] & FG) # pylint: disable=pointless-statement
[docs] def run_tests(self, runner): binary = wrapping.wrap_dynamic( self, "lnt_runner", name_filters=LNTGroup.NAME_FILTERS) runner( self.lnt["runtest", "nt", "-v", "-j1", "--sandbox", self.sandbox_dir, "--benchmarking-only", "--cc", str(self.clang), "--cxx", str(self.clang_cxx), "--test-suite", self.test_suite_dir, "--test-style", "simple", "--test-externals", self.builddir, "--make-param=RUNUNDER=" + str(binary), "--only-test=" + self.SUBDIR]) LNTGroup.after_run_tests(self.sandbox_dir)
[docs]class SingleSourceBenchmarks(LNTGroup): NAME = 'SingleSourceBenchmarks' DOMAIN = 'LNT (SSB)' SUBDIR = "SingleSource/Benchmarks"
[docs]class MultiSourceBenchmarks(LNTGroup): NAME = 'MultiSourceBenchmarks' DOMAIN = 'LNT (MSB)' SUBDIR = "MultiSource/Benchmarks"
[docs]class MultiSourceApplications(LNTGroup): NAME = 'MultiSourceApplications' DOMAIN = 'LNT (MSA)' SUBDIR = "MultiSource/Applications"
[docs]class SPEC2006(LNTGroup): NAME = 'SPEC2006' DOMAIN = 'LNT (Ext)' SUBDIR = "External/SPEC"
[docs] def compile(self): if download.CopyNoFail('speccpu2006'): super(SPEC2006, self).compile() else: print('======================================================') print(('SPECCPU2006 not found in %s. This project will fail.', CFG['tmp_dir'])) print('======================================================')
[docs]class Povray(LNTGroup): NAME = 'Povray' DOMAIN = 'LNT (Ext)' SUBDIR = "External/Povray" povray_url = "" povray_src_dir = "Povray"
[docs] def compile(self): download.Git(self.povray_url, self.povray_src_dir) super(Povray, self).compile()