Source code for benchbuild.projects.benchbuild.sdcc

from plumbum import local

from benchbuild import project
from benchbuild.settings import CFG
from benchbuild.utils import compiler, download, run, wrapping
from benchbuild.utils.cmd import make

[docs]class SDCC(project.Project): NAME = 'sdcc' DOMAIN = 'compilation' GROUP = 'benchbuild' SRC_FILE = 'sdcc' src_uri = "svn://" + SRC_FILE
[docs] def compile(self): download.Svn(self.src_uri, self.SRC_FILE) clang = clang_cxx = compiler.cxx(self) with local.cwd(self.SRC_FILE): configure = local["./configure"] with local.env(CC=str(clang), CXX=str(clang_cxx)):["--without-ccache", "--disable-pic14-port", "--disable-pic16-port"])["-j", CFG["jobs"]])
[docs] def run_tests(self, runner): sdcc = wrapping.wrap(self.run_f, self) runner(sdcc)