benchbuild.projects.gentoo.sevenz module

p7zip experiment within gentoo chroot.

class benchbuild.projects.gentoo.sevenz.SevenZip(experiment, name=NOTHING, domain=NOTHING, group=NOTHING, src_file=NOTHING, container=NOTHING, version=NOTHING, builddir=NOTHING, testdir=NOTHING, cflags=NOTHING, ldflags=NOTHING, run_f=NOTHING, run_uuid=NOTHING, compiler_extension=NOTHING, runtime_extension=None, emerge_env={})[source]

Bases: benchbuild.projects.gentoo.gentoo.GentooGroup


DOMAIN = 'app-arch'
NAME = 'p7zip'

Run the tests of this project.

Clients override this method to provide customized run-time tests.

  • experiment – The experiment we run this project under
  • run – A function that takes the run command.