benchbuild.experiments package

Experiments module.

Experiments are discovered automatically by benchbuild. You can configure the modules we search for experiments with the settings:


Any subclass of benchbuild.experiments.Experiment will be automatically registered and made available on the command line.[source]

Import all experiments listed in PLUGINS_EXPERIMENTS.

>>> from benchbuild.settings import CFG
>>> from benchbuild.experiments import discover
>>> import logging as lg
>>> import sys
>>> l = lg.getLogger('benchbuild')
>>> lg.getLogger('benchbuild').setLevel(lg.DEBUG)
>>> lg.getLogger('benchbuild').handlers = [lg.StreamHandler(stream=sys.stdout)]
>>> CFG["plugins"]["experiments"] = ["benchbuild.non.existing", "benchbuild.experiments.raw"]
>>> discover()
Could not find 'benchbuild.non.existing'
ImportError: No module named 'benchbuild.non'